How to connect Coinbase wallet to Coinbase?

Traders who have opt for Coinbase wallet to store crypto tokens need to connect it with their Coinbase exchange account to start trading. If you are signed up with Coinbase exchange and wallet then you can link both accounts with each other to trade on the blockchain network. Once you link your Coinbase wallet with exchange, you are able to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies. Coinbase may ask you to provide the password details to access the wallet account. 

You can use the Coinbase wallet up on your Android and iOS device to link the wallet with your exchange account. While going through the process, keep your device connected with the active internet. Today we are discussing the procedure to add a Coinbase exchange account to your Coinbase wallet. So, without making any extra delay, let’s start the discussion!

The procedure to link Coinbase wallet to Coinbase

Coinbase Wallet Login allows you to link your Coinbase exchange account easily and quickly. The simple steps that will help you to link the wallet to Coinbase are stated below:

  1. Visit App or Play Store to install Coinbase mobile app
  2. Open the app on your Android or iOS device
  3. Look at the screen, if asked, enter the password details
  4. Check the password details and click the ‘Unlock’ button
  5. Now, you need to head to the Settings
  6. From here find and click the ‘Connect to Coinbase’ option
  7. Now, provide the username and password details of your Coinbase account
  8. Check whether the entered password is correct or not
  9. From the mobile screen, find and tap the ‘ Link Account’ button
  10. Finally, your Coinbase wallet has been linked with the Coinbase account

Pro Tip: In case you are getting issues while accessing the Coinbase wallet then you should use Coinbase wallet private key details to recover the wallet.


In short, the Coinbase wallet can be used to store the crypto tokens that you buy from the Coinbase exchange. But do so, you are asked to link your wallet with the Coinbase exchange account. The process to add a Coinbase wallet extension is quite clear. All you need to do is, access your wallet and visit the settings of your account. You are suggested to use the current password details to avoid any type of delay during the process. We are sure that this post has helped you to link the Coinbase wallet to the Coinbase exchange.